SMOK Nord Review: New Pod Mod that Fits Both MTL & DTL Vaping (2023)

The SMOK Nord is a compact and well-performing pod vape system that would most likely check off everything on mods’ wish list. However, it stands out from its competitors as it takes a less-traveled path.
This pod mod is much smaller than most sub-ohm tanks kit. With its small size, the mod easily slips into a pocket and comfortably fits a hand for all-day use.
Being a new toy on the vape products market, Nord attracts and challenges vapers. The growing popularity of vape reviews confirms this.

SMOK Nord Review: New Pod Mod that Fits Both MTL & DTL Vaping (1)

Table of Contents

  • SMOK Nord Kit
  • Nord Pod Vape Review
  • Power Inside the SMOK Nord
  • How to Use Smok Nord
  • Smok Nord Coils
  • Pods
  • How Does the Nord Beats
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Specifications
  • Final Verdict

SMOK Nord Kit Components

Featuring an elegant and almost futuristic appearance, the SMOK Nord has a simple shape with curved edges. It perfectly complements its unique crosshatched design – taking its overall look from classic to the next level. There are also several color options, including black, black and white, green, red, gold, and rainbow.

SMOK Nord Review: New Pod Mod that Fits Both MTL & DTL Vaping (2)

The SMOK Nord Kit is an ultra-portable pod system that comes in a simple box. The mods’ starter kit contains:

  • Nord vape
  • a 0.6 ohm mesh coil for sub-ohm
  • a 1.4 ohm regular coil for MTL
  • a USB charging cable
  • a user manual

The manual contains all the vaper needs to know about the pod system.

SMOK Nord — Pod Vape Review

The SMOK Nord is a button-triggered pod system vape with a built-in 1100mAh battery. It is rather large among pod systems, making it powerful. In addition, its finish is a lot more consistent – making it a lot more appealing.

SMOK Nord Review: New Pod Mod that Fits Both MTL & DTL Vaping (3)

The pod mod also features an improved widow design that lets you view the remaining e-liquid level in its pod, which has a 3mL e-liquid capacity. In addition, its fill port, which is covered with a rubber bung, is placed at the pod’s side under the mouthpiece section.

The SMOK Nord opts for a classic approach with a single firing button rather than the traditional draw-activated firing mechanism. As a result, its button has a firm tactile response whenever pressed and feels responsive enough. It also doesn’t rattle when touched.

Another thing that makes the button stand out is its LED battery life indicator. A red light indicates low power, an orange light indicates 30 to 70% power, and a green light indicates 70 to 100% power.

About the battery life, using the MTL coil will give you about 8 hours of vape time. But the DTL will give you about 4 hours – which is still very good considering its battery size. Recharging takes around 2 hours. The Nord vape can also be used as a pass-through, which is a nice touch.

Power Inside the SMOK Nord

An input voltage range of 3.3 to 4.2 volts and an output wattage range of 10 watts to 15 watts. It has an improved mouthpiece that feels super comfortable and much more durable than the rest of the tanks. It continues the duck-billed design with a lip curve, perfectly fitting your mouth and offering a better user experience.

SMOK Nord Review: New Pod Mod that Fits Both MTL & DTL Vaping (4)

This pod mod relies on the resistance to determine the final output wattage, which caps out at 15 watts. While it lacks the ability to vape with variable wattage, the SMOK Nord still delivers enough oomph, mainly when used with nicotine salts.

In addition, It gives you a bountiful throat hit which is a satisfying feeling like that of traditional tobacco cigarettes (which is even more noticeable when using the MTL coil.

All these make the Nord pod vape an ultimate choice for vapers who want the SMOK experience in a pod system. The vape raised the bar among pod systems – incorporating jaw-dropping decent performance and new features that have been dreaming of for quite some time.

How to Use the SMOK Nord

The first thing to do with the SMOK Nord is to charge it fully. After charging, choose out of the two pods that come with the product and fill it with e-juice. What next? The filled Pod should be attached to the charged Nord, and the user is good to start having a great vaping experience.

Turning the Vape on & off

The user has to locate and press the power button five times to either turn on or off the Nord. Three LED lights display the battery life when the same power button is pressed twice. In addition, it gets users notified when to charge the vape. Vapers should not forget to turn off the vape after use to preserve the battery life.

Changing Ohms on Smok Nord

When a coil no longer serves its purpose as expected or spoilt, a vaper wants to change it. First, users should remove it using a paper or dry cloth with good friction as a screw. Afterward, the new coil should be attached by screwing it gently into the vape.

Charging the Smok Nord

There is usually a USB cable that comes with SMOK Nord, and it should be connected to the charging port of a computer and the charging port below the vape. A red light indicates charging from the beginning. It turns green when the Nord is fully charged.

SMOK Nord Coils

The vape is compatible with three coil types – two of which come with the kit while the other is available for purchase. These three coils are a 0.6 ohm mesh, a 1.4 ohm MTL, and the aftermarket ceramic coils. The versatility with three different coils is great.

The 0.6 ohm mesh coil produces quality and killer flavor for its size, and while it is never going to be a major cloud chucker, it delivers a nice vapor production. Although the airflow was a little loose, it delivered a true DTL experience. Using the mesh coil is like ripping on a small box mod.

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The 1.4 ohm MTL coil is impressive – delivering the true and tried pod-style experience that vapers expect from this form factor pod system. It delivers an extremely good flavor, although the vapor it produces is a bit on the smaller side. However, it is still pretty decent – making vaping more discreet.

The ceramic coils, rated at a flat 1 ohm, are designed to provide a nice in-between regarding the flavor and vapor it produces. In addition, it has great stability and high-temperature resistance, making the coil extremely durable.

How to Change the Coil in a SMOK Nord

Changing the coil is easy since SMOK implemented a user-friendly plug-and-play coil connection. It makes switching out or replacing the coils easy whenever you need or feel like it. When changing the coil, you should always make sure to let the cotton wicks be fully saturated before use to prevent the potential for burnt or dry hits.

How Long do SMOK Nord Coils Last

Mods’ coils last for about 1 to 3 weeks, depending on how often you use them, how well you treat your coils, and how you vape. After that, there is no difference in the juice impacts (nicotine salt or e-juice). Practicing good care and maintenance procedures during and between usages could extend the coils’ lifespan – saving money over time while delivering a more desirable and fresher flavor.

How to Clean SMOK Nord coil?

Cleaning the SMOK Nord coil is not as difficult as some people consider. Below are the required simple steps to clean it up.

  • The coil should be soaked in liquid contents such as vodka, vinegar, or ethanol for a few hours.
  • It should be removed from the liquid and rinsed thoroughly under flowing water.
  • Use the distilled water to rinse it one more time.
  • Air should be blown into the coil to push water from the twisted cords.
  • It should then be put in a well-ventilated place to allow the water on it to drain totally.

SMOK Nord Pods

SMOK Nord Review: New Pod Mod that Fits Both MTL & DTL Vaping (6)

Each of the Nord pod cartridges holds 3mL of e-liquid, which is 33% more than most pod systems. In addition, these pod tanks feature a well-designed mouthpiece. And they are built with a simple filling to house a wide range of palatable nicotine salt e-liquid.

A replacement pod comes with no juice and two coils in a mods’ kit, the 0.6-ohm mesh, and the 1.4-ohm regular coil. Nord pods differ from most prefilled pod tanks because vapers can use almost any juice. In addition, users are not obliged to consume nicotine. They can choose 0 nicotine juice as a daily vaping product.

How to Clean SMOK Nord Pod?

It is important to keep the Pod clean at all times because being dirty can hinder its performance in many ways. Therefore follow the below simple to clean up the Pod.

  • Take out the Pod of the whole vape.
  • Put a soft cloth or cotton into cleaning alcohol and use it to clean the external components of the Pod.
  • Empty The Pod of all liquid juice contents.
  • Get the Pod filled with water (warm), and then shake the Pod fast to allow the water to get rid of all hidden contents.
  • Take a look inside the Pod if there are still dirty particles. Then, use thin sticks such as toothpicks or cotton swabs to remove the particles.
  • Finally, assemble the device again and be ready to enjoy clean and great vaping.



The SMOK Nord and the SMOK Novo perform exceptionally well. Each is specifically designed differently to attract different types of vapers. However, there are some similarities between the Nord and the Novo. For example, their wide black mouthpiece and SMOK’s cobra skin-patterned livery.

SMOK Nord Review: New Pod Mod that Fits Both MTL & DTL Vaping (7)

  • The Novo utilizes an integrated coil in its pod and draw-activated firing mechanism.
  • The Nord has a larger battery capacity of 1100mAh, while the Novo only has 450mAh.
  • The Nord pod has a slightly larger e-liquid capacity of 3mL compared to the Novo’s 2mL.
  • Size-wise, the Nord is bigger than the Novo – it is taller, thicker, and wider, while the Novo is sleek, compact, and slim.

The biggest advantage is that it is compatible with a sub-ohm coil. It allows it to be used with high VG e-liquids while providing a great DTL vaping experience.
However, if you aren’t interested in sub-ohm vaping and prefer a tighter draw, the Novo will serve you well.


Without further ado, let us tell you that the Nord is just an improved version of a pod vape compared to the Juul vape. From overall performance to battery life, the SMOK Nord easily beats the Juul in almost every conceivable way.

SMOK Nord Review: New Pod Mod that Fits Both MTL & DTL Vaping (8)

  • The Nord offers more versatility, too, as it comes with three different coil head options. In addition, it allows you to alter the way it vapes by changing the coil head it runs – this is impossible for the Juul.
  • The SMOK’s pod vape also is refillable and costs less to own and run. The Juul’s official Juul pods are costly, and a pack will only last you a few days to a week.
  • Compared to the Juul, the Nord pod has more power – a 1100mAh internal battery. Moreover, its battery is 4 times as large as the one found inside the Juul. This alone makes it superior to the Juul.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is the SMOK Nord a good vape?

    The Nord is a good vape for many reasons, including its vapor and flavor productions and simple, easy-to-use design. In addition, several versions of the Nord come with different features. So users can choose from among the four styles to find something that suits their needs.

  • Can Smok Nord explode?

    The pod exploding is a rare occurrence that will never likely happen. However, with that said, there is a risk with any battery-powered vape (from smartphones to power tools) of explosion if it is not properly used. So users should always make sure to follow the instructions.

  • Is it okay to charge SMOK Nord overnight?

    It is okay to charge the vape overnight. But ideally, it should not be left to charge unattended or for long periods. The battery takes anywhere from two to four hours to charge, and users should unplug it after it is fully charged.

  • How to Reset SMOK Nord?

    To reset the SMOK Nord due to any issue, a user should go on the internet to download the Factory Restore file. It coordinates with the SMOK Nord model they are using. Afterward, connect the SMOK Nord to the computer to download the file and start the Sound Manager of the Nord.

    After that, tap the restore button in the toolbar of the Sound Manager in the Nord. After that, the downloaded file for the Factory Reset on the computer should be located again; tap the ‘Open’ icon.

  • What SMOK Nord Coil Is for Salt Nic?

    It is usually in the intent of producers to produce vaping tools that can be used with salt nic. Therefore, they use mesh coil to make the devices perfect for salt nic. Unfortunately, users do complain of too much heat coming from these devices. Why? The mesh coil in these devices may not be powerful enough to resist the heat.

    To this effect, choosing a coil with high resistance for salt nic is important. The higher the resistance capacity, the better the coil for salt nic. As for SMOK Nord, the perfect coil for salt nic is a coil of 1.4ohms. It is powerful to resist the heat coming from the base of the vape and, therefore, offers the users safe vaping with e-juice that contains salt nic.

  • What Liquid is Best for SMOK Nord?

    Generally, what vaping tools manufacturers do want to include in their vaping devices is salt nicotine. SMOK Nord is no exception in this as it also contains salt nic. However, not only salt nic e-liquids are perfect for SMOK Nord. Other regular e-juices can also be used and enjoyed in SMOK Nord vaping devices.

    Therefore, SMOK Nord is a tool for everyone who chooses to have a great experience with a vaping tool irrespective of whether or not they desire salt nic in their vape. Furthermore, SMOK Nord is a perfect tool for anyone who desires to make a cloud show, as it can also be used with high VG e-juice.

  • What SMOK Nord Is the Best?

    Of course, all great SMOK Nords are great devices that offer vapers unprecedented enjoyment. However, when the devices are compared. In terms of battery life, resistance, content capacity, and all other features, there must be the one that appears to be the best out of these great devices.

    The SMOK Nord 50W Kit has been speculated to be the best of all SMOK Nords. It has a great battery life of 1800mah, and its output wattage ranges from 5-50watts. The device has a leather cover and has great resistance with a coil of 1.40ohms. It also has more protection against high temperatures to ensure the safety of the users.

  • When to Change the SMOK Nord Coil?

    The ideal duration for a user to change the SMOK Nord coil is 3 to 5 days. It may, however, be influenced by how often it is used. For example, if the coils are of ceramic material, they should last a little longer than regular coils. It also depends on how often the user makes use of it.

    However, apart from the ideal duration, coils have to be changed when some irregularities are experienced while using the device, such as:

    • A strange and burnt taste
    • Strange sound from the device
    • Leakage of the device
  • Where to Buy SMOK Nord?

    The SMOK Nord devices are widely used throughout the whole world. Therefore, they are available for sale on many very popular e-commerce websites. More so, these great devices are available on the company’s website to potential buyers of legal age. Therefore, interested buyers can order for SMOK Nord and get the items delivered to them.

    Besides the online sales, SMOK Nord can also be purchased physically. Therefore, potential buyers can approach stores where vapes are sold and will likely come about the SMOK Nord devices.

Smok Nord Kit Specifications

Size:94 by 30 by 18.8mm
Pods Capacity:3mL
Battery Capacity:1100 mAh
Output Wattage Range:of 10 watts to 15 watts
Charging current:370mA
Charging voltage:5 volts

Pros & Cons


  • Two replaceable atomizer coils
  • Supports both sub-ohm and MTL vaping
  • Long live battery
  • The LED batteries’ life indicator
  • Portable and stylish design
  • The side-fill feature is very easy to use
  • Safety features
  • Can be used with nicotine salt and standard e-juice


  • Not adjustable airflow
  • Expensive
  • Long Charging time
  • Slight leakage from the pod itself


The SMOK Nord kit is one of the best pod-style vapes that can be found on the market today. It is thanks to its ease of use and versatility. Being an all-in-one device, you can enjoy both sub-ohm style and MTL vaping in one lightweight, portable kit with plenty of flavor and vapor.

With its large pod capacity and high capacity batteries, vape offers everything you could want or need from a pod system at an affordable price. With this, it is recommended for anyone looking for a versatile and well-performing pod mods system.

The fact that it includes two coil heads in the kit is great, too – giving a choice to vape MTL or DTL. This kit has great design, awesome build quality, and simple features. Its battery life also gives you more time to enjoy the process. High-performing, stylish, convenient, and attractive, the Nord vape is worth a try.

As Nord vape is a newbie on the mods market, most vapers are curious to try it out. So please share your thoughts with us in the comment section below. Also, let us know to whom you’d recommend the Nord Pod Vape: to your enemy or lover.


Is the Nord 4 MTL or DTL? ›

The Smok Nord 4 pod kit is a pocket-friendly kit that's simple to use. Recommended for vapers of all experience levels, it can be used for both MTL (Mouth To Lung) and DTL (Direct To Lung) vaping.

Is Smok Nord 2 good for MTL? ›

If you love MTL vaping then the NORD coils are just what you need. If you're like me however, and prefer something with a little more kick, then you should be using the RPM coils in the NORD 2.

Which Smok Nord 4 coil is for MTL? ›

The 1.2 ohm quartz RPM Nord 4 coil is designed for traditional vaping, MTL (mouth to lung vaping). This coil is designed specifically to have an exceptionally fast heat up time. This gives pure vapour, great throat hit and flavour immediately.

What is the difference between Nord pod and Nord LP2 pod? ›

The Smok Nord comes with 2 pods, one for LP2 coils and one for Nord coils. For all intents and purposes both of the pods are the same except from the hole sizes for the coils and the Nord pod has more of a 'wall' at the base of the pod. The LP2 pod has more of the inclosed airflow section with an hole at either side.

Do you get more nicotine from MTL or DTL? ›

MTL e-liquids can contain up to 50mg of nicotine, while most DTL users won't surpass 24mg. Even 24mg is considered extremely high for DTL vaping. While 24mg e-liquid is an okay strength to use, most DTL vapers stay within the 0-12mg range.

Is it better to MTL or DTL? ›

Some people prefer MTL vaping because it can be cheaper. MTL tanks generally use less e-liquid compared to a DTL device. For most, mouth-to-lung vaping can be a less intense way of taking in vapour when compared to direct-to-lung. MTL vaping is much easier on the lungs.

Is the NORD 2 MTL or DTL? ›

The SMOK Nord 2 comes with two pods, a clear plastic one which fits the RPM DTL coil series and a darker shaded pod which fits the standard MTL Nord coils.

Is Smok Nord 4 better than NORD 2? ›

The Nord 4 has the biggest battery capacity of the three devices, with a whopping 2000 mAh of power, which is enough to power its wide wattage range and offer great longevity between charges. That's 500 mAh more power than the Nord 2's 1500 mAh battery and 900 mAh more than the original Nord's 1100 mAh battery!

What NIC level is best for MTL? ›

If you're using a MTL vape with sub-ohm coils such as 0.8ohms for example, the Doctor advises using nicotine strengths between 6-12mg. You will get a bit more vapour than you would from using higher ohm coils, whilst still getting a satisfactory nicotine hit.

How do I know if my coil is MTL or DTL? ›

The main difference you will notice between a MTL tank and a DTL tank is the mouthpiece. On the MTL tank the mouthpiece will be a lot narrower to mimic the act of smoking. Whereas the mouthpiece on the DTL tank will be a lot wider allowing for more vapour to be inhaled.

Which Nord coil is best for direct lung? ›

SMOK Nord Pro Coils

The first coil is an 0.6-ohm. This coil is perfect for restricted direct-to-lung vaping. The second coil is 0.9-ohms. It's ideal for MTL, Nic Salt, high PG, or 50/50 e-liquids.

What is the difference between 0.8 and 1.2 pods? ›

The 0.8ohms and 0.9ohms are restricted direct to lung (RDL) coil types, meaning they are able to be used with a wide range of e liquids. The 1.2ohms are for a mouth to lung (MTL) vaping experience, which replicates the feel of a smoke on a cigarette.

Which Smok Nord device is best? ›

The Smok Nord 50W is arguably the best kit out of the entire collection and is certainly the most popular. It has a 1800mAh battery ensuring a long battery life, making it easy to vape on the go.

Which RPM coil is best for MTL? ›

The 0.8ohm SMOK RPM coil can cater to both MTL and restricted DL vapers. It performs best with 50/50 e-liquid to offer great flavours with a fair amount of vapour.

What is the difference between a Nord 4 and Nord 5? ›

SMOK has finally released its latest iteration of the nord range: The SMOK nord 5. The nord 5 shares its appearance with the nord 4, although features some much needed improvements. The main difference that I noticed out of the box is that the nord 5 only comes with one pod, taking one type of coil.

Is MTL or DTL better for nic salt? ›

If you want a discreet vape hit between meetings or in a crowd of people, MTL vaping is the way to go. MTL vaping is the best option for people who need higher nicotine strengths. DTL vapers who try high nicotine e-liquids often experience burnt-tasting, overwhelming vape hits.

What liquid is best for MTL vaping? ›

High PG, nic salt or a higher nicotine strength are the best e-liquids for mouth to lung (MTL) vaping. The higher PG content means that the e-liquid is thinner and can gets to your vape coil quicker, great for higher resistance and lower powers.

Is salt nic good for mtl? ›

Most MTL (mouth-to-lung) style vaping devices will be well suited to Nic Salts such as the LiQuid Pro. Some devices even claim to be specifically designed to optimise the Nic Salt experience – so shop around!

Is direct to lung vaping bad? ›

Vaping-related lipoid pneumonia is the result of inhaling oily substances found in e-liquid, which sparks an inflammatory response in the lungs. Symptoms of lipoid pneumonia include: Chronic cough. Shortness of breath.

Are nic salts ok for dtl? ›

Nic salts are designed for mouth to lung vaping, if you put them in a Sub Ohm, direct to lung device the nicotine hit would be way too hard - even if you're using a lower strength nic salt.

Is mouth to lung vaping bad? ›

Mouth to lung vaping is as close as you'll get to smoking a cigarette without inhaling thousands of toxic chemicals, some of which are cancerous. But because it's an addiction that is hard to get rid of, many smokers try any way possible to remove the habit.

What is the best wattage for Smok Nord 2 MTL? ›

Resistance of 0.8 ohm; best wattage 16W; designed for mouth-to-lung hits.

Is the Smok Nord 2 direct to the lung? ›

The Nord 2 comes with a wattage output from 1 to 40 watts, and can be used with a range of different resistance coils. This means it is a versatile device which can be used for a tight, restricted mouth-to-lung vape or a loose, airy direct-to-lung vape. The kit comes with two pods.

How long do Smok Nord 2 pods last? ›

SMOK Nord 2 Battery life etc

The battery life was good around 4 to 4.5 hours at 12w using the Nord 0.8Ω coil and 3.5 hours using the 0.4Ω at 22w.

Is Nord 4 worth buying? ›

They have a lot in common but are designed for different types of vapers. Out of the two, the Nord 4 is clearly the better option for sub ohm vaping. It comes with a plethora of RPM and RPM 2 coil heads, an RBA option, large battery capacity, huge liquid capacity, and wide-open airflow.

Which is better Nord 2T or Nord CE 2? ›

In May 2022, OnePlus introduced the Nord 2T. This successor of the Nord 2 is an upgrade in the Nord series compared to the OnePlus Nord CE 2. For example, the Nord 2T has more processing power, a better camera, and a nicer screen than the Nord CE 2.

What is the difference between Nord 4 and Nord 3? ›

The biggest difference between the Nord Stage 3 and the Nord Piano 4 is the sound engines included in each one. In the Stage 3,you get three sound engines - piano, synth, and organ - while the Piano 4 gives you only the piano and synth engines with a heavier focus on piano.

Is 70 30 ok for mtl? ›

Go for low to no nicotine, ideally you don't want to dilute your shortfill at all. Aim for a 70:30 juice, while 50:50 are generally better for flavour in lower powered devices they'll be too harsh in a Sub ohm device.

What MTL coil is best for flavor? ›

Coils With a Rating At 1.0 Ohm or Above

Coils with at least 1.0 ohm resistance are designed for 'mouth-to-lung' vaping. They produce a subtle, cool vapour with intense flavour.

Can I use 70 30 MTL? ›

For example you can have a 70/30 liquid or 50/50 liquid and many other mixtures. E-liquid used in MTL devices are typically thinner liquids. Most commonly 50/50 like our Steam 10ml range. As a 50/50 liquid is bit thinner, it works perfectly with the smaller coils.

How long do DTL coils last? ›

Depending on your vaping habits, you'll usually need to replace your coil every 7-21 days. This is assuming you're not vaping relentlessly and you're using good-quality coils.

What is the best wattage for mouth to lung vape? ›

As a general rule of thumb, those who opt for a mouth-to-lung vaping method should opt for higher resistance coils of 1.0ohm and above. This includes 1.0ohm, 1.4ohm, 1.6ohm, 1.8ohm and 2.0ohm. Although every coil is different, the ideal wattage for this resistance level is between 7 and 20W.

How long does it take for your lungs to heal from vaping? ›

Lung function starts to improve 2 weeks to 3 months after quitting. From 1–12 months after quitting, symptoms such as coughing and breathing problems should improve as lung structures heal. If people wish to quit vaping, they can speak with a healthcare professional.

Why is my Nord coil burning so fast? ›

Using high-VG e-liquid in a device with a 50-50 coil with tiny wicking ports will struggle to absorb the e-liquid properly. If the user vapes very regularly, the coil will quickly dry out in patches, or completely. When this occurs, it will often burn out.

How long do Nord coils last? ›

For instance, SMOK Nord Replacement coils typically last between 3-5 days, based on how often you use your vape.

What is the difference between 0.6 and 1.4 Smok Nord coils? ›

The 0.6Ω mesh coil is specially designed for sub-ohm vaping, it has a large mesh inside, with which you can get faster heating process and massive vapour clouds; and the 1.4Ω regular coil is designed for MTL vaping, you can enjoy throat hit with it.

How many pods should you vape a day? ›

One pod per day should be sufficient to prevent withdrawal symptoms for a 20 a day smoker. The JUUL is much smoother than other e-cigarettes, but if you find it too harsh, puff more gently and leave longer spaces between puffs.

Which is better 0.6 or 0.8 ohm? ›

The 0.8 ohm pod fires at around 12-16 watts, while the 0.6 ohm pod fires at around 20-25 watts. I found that both pods gave a satisfying amount of vapour. I preferred the 0.6 ohm coil, as my main device is a DL kit. Both of these pods work best with a 50/50 liquid or thinner.

How many cigarettes are equal to a pod? ›

One JUUL pod contains 20 cigarettes worth of nicotine.

Early nicotine use can harm brain development, alter nerve cell functioning and increase the risk of young people smoking cigarettes.

Which Nord is best for salt NIC? ›

When talking about the Nord Pod, if we are using Nic Salt E-Liquid, a mentioned previously, we recommend the Nord 0.8 ohm Mesh MTL Coilsl, and if we are on purebase nicotine e-liquid, we definitely recommend to go for the Nord 1.4 regular or ceramic.

What is the newest Nord vape? ›

SMOK Nord 50W Pod Kit | Pod System | 2022 New Version.

Which SMOK Nord coil is best for flavor? ›

RPM40. Your RPM40 will use RPM SMOK coils. You will choose the one based on your wattage and whether you are after flavour, vapor or both. SMOK suggests the best for excellent flavour and vapor is the RPM Triple coil 0.6ohm, at 25W.

Can I use MTL coil for DTL? ›

A coil at a resistance of around 0.9Ω, for example, is in a good midrange between MTL vaping and DTL vaping. This would allow you to use it with both high-VG and high-PG e-liquid, and—theoretically—enjoy a midpoint between the smooth throat hits of MTL and the dense clouds of DTL.

Which RPM coil is for DTL? ›

Made for the direct use of the Smok RPM2 Pod, the RPM 2 0.16ohm mesh coils are designed for DTL vapers and cloud chasers. These coils have been engineered to enhance flavour and produce a bigger cloud when exhaled.

What is the best wattage for a 0.8 MTL coil? ›

A typical wattage range for 0.8-ohm devices is 20 W - 35 W (or sometimes 40 watts - 50 watts). However, always check the product information on your vape device for best results.

Why is my Nord 4 so harsh? ›

Nicotine is too strong

Perhaps the most common cause for a harsh vape is the strength of nicotine is too high. This is an easy mistake to make, particularly if you're just starting out on your vaping journey, and switching up your e-liquid for one that contains less nicotine should swiftly resolve the issue.

Is Nord CE better than Nord? ›

The Nord CE is also slimmer and lighter. Both have very similar displays and they both offer similar hardware loadouts, though the Nord has a more powerful processor on board and an extra camera on the front and rear, while the Nord CE 5G has a larger battery capacity.

Is there a Smok Nord 5? ›

The Nord 5 features a built-in 2000mAh battery. It takes advantage of the existing Smok RPM3 coils that deliver a cloudy direct-to-lung vape! The output is adjustable from 5-80W plus you have an airflow adjustment lever to tailor the airflow to your preference.

Is Nord 4 direct to lung? ›

The Smok Nord 4 Kit is a convenient and compact device which is ideal for all vaping experience levels. It is a pocket friendly kit which is ideal for both mouth to lung and direct to lung vapers, due to its wide range of compatible coils.

What type of vape is the Nord 4? ›

The SMOK Nord 4 is a versatile and powerful pod system that is perfect for both novice and experienced vapers. With an integrated 2000mAh rechargeable battery and a wattage output range of 5-80W, this device is capable of delivering satisfying vapor production and flavor.

Which Nord 4 coil is best for salt nic? ›

When talking about the Nord Pod, if we are using Nic Salt E-Liquid, a mentioned previously, we recommend the Nord 0.8 ohm Mesh MTL Coilsl, and if we are on purebase nicotine e-liquid, we definitely recommend to go for the Nord 1.4 regular or ceramic.

Is MTL or DTL better for Nic Salt? ›

If you want a discreet vape hit between meetings or in a crowd of people, MTL vaping is the way to go. MTL vaping is the best option for people who need higher nicotine strengths. DTL vapers who try high nicotine e-liquids often experience burnt-tasting, overwhelming vape hits.

Is Nord 2 or Nord 4 better? ›

The Nord 4 has the biggest battery capacity of the three devices, with a whopping 2000 mAh of power, which is enough to power its wide wattage range and offer great longevity between charges. That's 500 mAh more power than the Nord 2's 1500 mAh battery and 900 mAh more than the original Nord's 1100 mAh battery!

Can you use salt nic in nord 4? ›

Smok Nord 4 Kit

Perfect for Nicotine Salt E-liquids and High VG E-liquids.

Can I use 0.4 ohm for salt Nic? ›

Most Nic Salt e-liquids will typically be available in high strengths only, most commonly 11 and 20mg. As such it is recommended that you try to use a device with a coil rating of 1.0ohm or higher.

What is the best type of Nord vape? ›

Smok Nord 50W Kit

The Smok Nord 50W is arguably the best kit out of the entire collection and is certainly the most popular. It has a 1800mAh battery ensuring a long battery life, making it easy to vape on the go.

What coil is best for MTL? ›

For MTL, coils range from 0.6Ohm-2.8Ohm. The most common coils for MTL vaping are 0.6Ohm and 1.8Ohm.

What is the best MTL coil for flavor? ›

The best ones to go for flavour wise are clapton, titanium (if you prefer vaping with TC mode) or an Alien coil. The sweet spot for getting a balance of vapour and flavour is around 0.3ohms. Depending on your coil choice you'll want to up the wattage from anywhere between 50 and 100 watts.

What gauge is best for MTL? ›

Mouth to lung vapers appreciate their higher builds, and a 26-28 gauge Kanthal wire is always dependable—and hard to swap for anything else. Lower ramp-up time can even be a plus for MTL vapers that like to take slow and long puffs.


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